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The game uses FourSquare trends to change the environment in real time. So a hot restaurant (Viking Feast Hall that is) will have lots of Vikings milling about.
__We use real places from FourSquare and incorporate them into the gameplay. So your local fast food restaurant becomes a Viking Feast Hall.
After you complete the tutorial, continue to explore the world to unlock new dragons.
Remember to feed your dragons to improve their attack, speed and strength.
When you play the first time the tutorial will take you on 4 quests. Just pick your character and you are set to go. You will get a chance to learn how the game works and experience the different types of gameplay.
Please confirm that the "Tap and Send or NFC" option is turned on in the Phone. Also verify that the "Bluetooth" option is turned on in the Phone. Now also confirm that the "Tap and Send" option along with the "Bluetooth" option are turned on in the...
Currently, your game progress is tied with the device, not your user account.
If you have so much fun flying (it happens) and you wandered far away from the wagon use the "Return to Cart" button from the settings menu to get back.
Fly Dragons through your own neighborhood or explore a Viking version of the real world. _a) Tap train form the main menu._ _b)_ Enter a destination address and click submit to load a quest. c) Notice the local weather and time on the loading ...
The wagon represents your cart's location. Follow the arrow to fly to it.
DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer, built in conjunction with Microsoft and DreamWorks Animation, transforms a family drive into an interactive gaming adventure. Inspired by one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, _How to Train...
Quests can be found over points of interest. Fly through them or tap the icon to start one.
The game downloads a real-world map and transforms it into a game map.
The dashed line represents the route to your destination calculated from HERE Maps and it will automatically update if you go a different way.