Knowledgebase: My DreamWorks Rewards
I unlocked several stickers and music characters on my phone, but would like to let my child play with the app on my tablet. Is there a way to transfer my unlocked content between devices?
Posted by Fabiola Alcazar on 31 March 2015 06:25 PM
The “My DreamWorks Rewards” app does not automatically sync data between multiple devices. If you would like to transfer previously unlocked rewards between your phone and tablet, you will need to back up the “My DreamWorks Rewards” app and data by syncing your primary device to a PC using your preferred backup software. Once the app backup is complete, you can restore the app to your secondary device (again using your preferred backup software). This should transfer the “My DreamWorks Rewards” app and all unlocked content to your secondary device.
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