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The "My DreamWorks Rewards" app is quitting unexpectedly. Why is this happening?
Posted by Fabiola Alcazar on 31 March 2015 06:25 PM

Be sure you’re trying to run the “My DreamWorks Rewards” app on a supported device. Supported devices include the following:

  • iPhone 4S and up (iOS 8 required)
  • iPad 2 and up (iOS 8 required)
  • Android mobile and tablet devices running Jelly Bean and up
If you are running the “My DreamWorks Rewards” app on a supported device and the app is quitting unexpectedly, try quitting other background apps to free additional memory on your device. If quitting background apps doesn’t solve the problem, try rebooting your device (powering the device down completely, and then turning it back on). If the app is still giving you trouble, please submit a support request to Please be sure to include a detailed description of the problem in your support request.
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