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Currently you can only be part of one group, but we are working on it!
Yes. If you have an existing DreamWorks username and password you can log in and instantly have a Family Gallery. You must be a Family Organizer to connect single user Family Galleries.
Be the Family Organizer. Select sign up then choose to create a family account. Name the Family Group, add kids, or invite other adults like Grandma! Already have a DreamWorks Account? Sign in and select the Family Organizer menu.
Family Gallery groups can be as large as 30. That's a big family!
Yes, all you need is a DreamWorks username, password and email address to create a Family Gallery.
It's for all ages but only an adult can be a Family Organizer and create a Family Group.
Family Gallery is a free service that allows families to create and share their creations together! Each post is seen by the whole family. The Family group can then comment, like and "sticker" creations together.
Family members can post DreamWorks character stickers, like-it icons, and canned text quotes.
Be an artist, a director, or designer: share images from 'create' apps and activities. Soon Family Gallery will be able to save drawings and movies as well.
Go to to see the list of create downloadable apps and online activities. Each new DreamWorks Create app is connected to Family Gallery.