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What is Dragons Adventure World Explorer?
Posted by Fabiola Alcazar on 21 July 2014 01:59 PM

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer, built in conjunction with Microsoft and DreamWorks Animation, transforms a family drive into an interactive gaming adventure. Inspired by one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, How to Train Your Dragon 2, the game uses HERE Maps to transform real world landmarks outside your car window into the fictional Isle of Berk. As players take flight and soar freely on the back of their favorite dragon, real world roadways, lakes, traffic and weather conditions and even select buildings are mirrored in real time into the adventure, allowing players to explore in a one-of-a-kind personalized game that changes wherever you play.

Launches July 14, 2014 for Windows and Windows Phone 8 (and higher) tablets and mobile phones, including the full line of Lumia and Surface devices.



High Flying Fun: Players take flight as Hiccup or Astrid, central characters in the DreamWorks franchise. Flying freely, mounted on the back of dragons from the blockbuster movie, players explore the real world transformed into the Isle of Berk.

Complete Quests At Home Or On The Go: Explore mode lets you play at home and travel across a map of the world to rescue dragons from evil dragon trappers by completing quests in select cities. Train mode lets you take it on the go, soaring over familiar landmarks outside your car window that transform directly into the game as you drive.

Real World, Real Time: In Train mode in-game surroundings are constantly evolving with real time data feeds reflecting real world environments. HERE Maps takes a player’s location, direction in which they are headed, and time of day and transforms it into a personalized Isle of Berk. Weather in the game is influenced by The Weather Channel and popularity data from Foursquare determines the number of Vikings that appear near points of interest.

Dragon Mastery: Complete 38 quests, each with various tasks from lighting signal beacons, to visiting stables for intel, to proving your dragons strength, with the ultimate goal of mastering flying and training skills to become a Master Dragon Trainer.

Unlock Dragons: Players can collect Runes hidden throughout the Isle of Berk to unlock new dragons.

Game Wherever You Are: Dragon training can continue each time you get in the car with a play, pause and resume feature – making road trips or the everyday commute an ongoing adventure.

Windows Gaming: Available on all Windows and Windows 8 phone (and higher) tablets and phones, including Microsoft Surface and the entire Lumia family, ranging from the affordable Lumia 520 to the Lumia 1520, with its six-inch screen and the Lumia 2520 tablet.

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